We stock several styles of Garlock packings for your pump and valve stem needs. Graphite coated, Pure Graphite, Teflon, High-temp, Super-soft, High-speed, Duct, Braided, and Interlaced.

How about a seal? JM Clipper Seals: single lip, dual lip, general purpose, split seals, w/ spring retainer, outside lip, Too many styles to mention. We also can supply Garlock Klosure seals, V-Packing, Piston cups, U-cups, etc...

Need Aeroquip or Dresser Mfg. pipe gaskets? We keep 1/2" to 8" on the shelf.

We stock all the standard sizes of O-rings in the Buna 70 duro., with most sizes of the 90 duro., Viton, Silicone, Ethylene Proplylene, Aflas, and Teflon. We can supply metric sizes as well. We can also vulcanize 3" OD and up and .070" to 1.00" C/S.

Don't see what you need here? Give us a ring, bet we can help!

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