With thousands of dies & patterns we have quite a selection of available gaskets. We manufacture several different styles of gaskets, from flat die cuts to metal rings, to spiral wounds, to jacketed exhaust gaskets. With over 40,000 OEM part numbers to cross-index we have a substantial ability to find and make what you need.

Do you need only a few little water jumper gaskets? That's all right, because with our low $5.00 minimum invoice we can help. Maybe you need 5,000 flange gaskets. No problem, we are more than capable of handling those larger size orders also. We don't even mind emergency orders!

How about head gasket sets, or complete overhaul gasket sets? We can supply standard or special sets just for your application. Just tell us what you need.

No, we can't make every gasket made for every engine or compressor manufactured, but our employees like to think they are some of the best in the industry.

We just ask that you think of us when you have a gasket or sealing need.
Give us a callor email us at lgmsales@sbcglobal.net!


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